How do I break the shell?

The shell is my dark shadows :

  • not making friends

  • not apprehend learning during the learning period

  • failing the ‘standard’ level

  • not meeting/matching the ‘standard’ recognition

  • not blending in

  • not able to tell if ‘right’ on own ‘talent’

  • not able to perform/deliver when needed to

  • ‘Am I doing the right things?’ in question

  • ‘Am I doing things in the correct ways?’ in question

  • not getting recognized on own ‘talent’

問心無愧   對人無悔

If I told myself I could have written a full size computer application, go ahead write it.

If I told myself I could have been an engineer, go ahead be one.

If I told myself I could have started a firm, go ahead start one.

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